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Robin Depies
Financial Advisor / Annuity Educator



The Best Fixed / Guaranteed
Annuity Rates 

Fixed annuities can potentially provide a helpful alternative to traditional bonds, CD's, or other fixed rate vehicles.

Our software searching out the top fixed annuity rates in the nation and allows you to sort them by company strength rating and growth rate.


The Best Guaranteed 
Lifetime Income 
Annuity Rates 

Guaranteed lifetime income annuities can provide a valuable addition to any retirement portfolios.  Let us help you scour the top payout rates and compare the best income rider offerings from the high strength-rated annuity companies in the industry. 

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The Best No Risk / Accumulation
Annuity Rates 

No risk accumulation annuities can offer the potential of higher upside growth than what traditional fixed-rate annuities provide, while still protecting your principal from downside volatility.  

Compare the top upside growth potential annuities on the market with our free report. 

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Robin Depies
Annuity & Retirement Income Planning Specialist

Robin grew up in southern Wisconsin where she received a degree in Business Management while working full time and raising a family. After over 20 years in the Retail and Manufacturing sectors in Management roles she decided it was a time for change. She founded Heartfelt Financial Solutions out of a genuine desire to help solve the need for financial guidance & education for clients, while focusing on solutions that are solely in the best interest of her clients' needs, wants and dreams.

Now, operating as an independent advisor, Robin is not only free to act solely in the best interest of her clients, but she dedicates her time to understanding each individual’s health and financial concerns, which has put her in demand to provide advice on:

• Developing strategies to increase expendable income

• Maintaining financial independence throughout retirement

• Protecting and preserving hard-earned assets

• Building wealth through proper risk management

• Maximizing and properly pinpointing the time to draw Social Security benefits

• Reducing estate taxes and continuity of assets to beneficiaries

"My clients are my passion.  I love serving the individuals and families that I work with and find great satisfaction in truly seeking to understand their most important needs and wants, and then matching them with a customized solution to help them reach their goals.  

I believe firmly in the guiding principal that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.  This principal is at the core of all I do and is the foundation of my entire mission and purpose"

- Robin Depies